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drying equipment used for water remediation

Is your new addition covered by insurance?

Your new garage or deck may not be covered by your insurance. Be sure to call your insurance agent after any new construction added to the home and get it covered. You may end up paying a little more for coverage, but at least it will be covered if there is a disaster in the new construction.

SERVPRO employee removing water from local pharmacy

We are the cheaper choice.

As a National Brand we do a lot of work with the major insurance brands as a preferred vendor. As a preferred vendor we are given more jobs because of our streamlined process between our two companies. Also, because we do more jobs we are able to do them at a better price point than other restoration companies who are not on the “preferred vendor” list. 

SERVPRO truck ready to respond

Barbecue Fire Prevention

As the weather gets warmer we see many fires happen because of barbecues. But it the weather is not quite warm enough some people choose to cook in the garage. Cooking in the garage causes smoke damage and possible fires because of oily rags or other solvents that catch fire. Best to wait until the weather is better or brave the cold. We are always to respond. 

home with smoke damage on walls after a fire

Electrical Fire Preparation

The worst thing you can do is pour water on an electrical fire. The electricity travels along the water and can electrocute anyone near by. However, did you know that a Class A fire extinguisher is water based? It’s best to have a combination Class ABC fire extinguisher because it is powder based and will put out an electrical fire if the need arises.

Drying equipment placed in local restaurant's floor

Document and Electronic Cleaning

After a water or fire damage some of the electronics and files in your office may need to be cleaned professionally. We are experienced in both document recovery and electronic cleaning. Some items can be done in our local facility. We also have a national facility for items that need more care and time to clean.

Moisture meter being used on mold growth

Do you think you have mold?

Do you have one room in your building that just doesn’t smell right? It could be mold. If you can smell it, but not see it, it might be because you have a hidden leak where the mold is growing. Give us a call and we can bring moisture meters and infrared cameras to check behind walls and under floors for excess water that is allowing mold to grow.

local business suffered smoke damage from a fire that originated from a machine

Have you tested your fire sprinklers?

It’s important to test fire suppression systems yearly to avoid a problem when you have a fire. Fire sprinkler companies will check your system, water pressure, and even your fire extinguishers to make sure they are all working correctly. It’s a small price to pay when faced with a fire damage problem. Water damage is much easier to cleanup than a fire.

kitchen suffered fire damage after a grease fire

Should I get new smoke detectors?

The Fire Protection Agency suggests to change out smoke detectors every 10 years. Sensors in the older models begin to be less sensitive to smoke and their speakers don’t always work. It’s best to put away a little money for the upgrade to new smoke detectors because the good ones can range from $30 dollars to $150. That can be costly when you have replace each one in your home.

Home getting cleaned up after suffering fire damage

Why does my house still smell like smoke?

Smoke particles are extremely small. The human hair is roughly 10mm in diameter. The size of a smoke particle is microscopic at .5mm in size. It’s no wonder that it can penetrate wood, fabrics, and even older paint. The smell sticks around for a while and should be cleaned up using odor neutralizing cleaning agents.

Kitchen suffered severe fire damage

How is a kitchen fire cleaned?

Kitchen fires can be devastating to a home, especially if the cabinets were burned. All the cabinets will most likely have to be removed from kitchen and restored offsite or replaced. Thank goodness for fire insurance because that is a large ticket item to be replaced. We work with your insurance company and adjuster throughout the restoration process.

SERVPRO trucks ready to leave for a project

SERVPRO is Also a National Brand

Just like other franchise systems, we strive to give you the exact same product as any other franchise. We are nationally certified and have yearly inspections of our equipment, insurance coverage, and estimating practices. When you choose your local SERVPRO you’re also choosing the premier brand in disaster recovery.

Image of a bedroom covered in soot and smoke damage after a severe fire

Firefighter Water Damage

The only way for a house fire to be extinguished is with water. Firefighters leave behind a big mess that needs to be cleaned up right away to avoid secondary damage from the excess water. We extract water left behind from the firefighters and take care of all the drying and restoration.

Image of mold growing on ceiling of bathroom.

Why does mold grow?

Mold damage is a direct result of too much water. Mold loves water and is considered hydrophilic. If you start seeing mold growing in your drywall then you probably have a leak that is allowing enough moisture for mold to begin to grow.

Image of a drying equipment placed on floor after a supply line break.

Check Your Supply Lines

Your home will eventually have a water loss due to a supply line break. The Insurance Information Institute estimates that each home will have at least 2 water damages in their lifetime. They also claim that 80% of water damages are caused by supply line malfunctions.  

Moisture meter on white dry wall

Where did water go?

Our highly trained water technicians use a moisture meter to find where unseen water has traveled. This method helps our team through the restoration process to confirm when the environment has returned to its normal moisture levels which prevents future mold growth.

Brown paper taped to hardwood floor and steps

Your home is our home!

Protecting your home from further damage is our goal. By providing additional protection to unaffected flooring as a precautionary method to ensure our customers receive the level of comfort that we will treat their home as if it were ours!

water extractor on hardwood floor by a kitchen table

Water Extraction

The water extractor is a very useful tool to our team when removing large amounts of water fast! This process will help minimize the damage to a customers most valuable assets.


green air mover and dehumidifier on plywood sub floor by the bed

We are only as good as our equipment

We are only as good as our equipment allows us to be. When a water loss occurs our dehumidifiers and air movers serve the duties of making sure the moisture is circulated into the air so that the dehumidifier can quickly remove the moisture in that environment and returned to normal moisture levels.

plastic containment wall in door wall down a hallway

Why is it important to use containment?

Containment walls are necessary when dealing with a loss in a specific area that has mold or bacterial growth.

The goal is to keep the bacterial growth in the part of the house that is contaminated and not in the uncontaminated part.

green air scrubber with containment in the back ground of a residential home

Green Means Clean!

The Air Scrubber is one of our most valuable pieces of equipment that we use on a daily basis to clean the air inside of a structure where a loss has occurred. Depending on the type of loss, there is a possibility that harmful particles are floating in the air. Examples: Cat 3 water damage (mold, sewage), fire restoration (soot), germs, and other potentially harmful breathable pathogens.